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Satellite Telemetry Solutions

The Woods Hole Group is the unique Argos satellite system operator in North America.

We manage all sectors of satellite communication including oceanography, wildlife tracking, soil and moisture monitoring, herd and livestock management, etc.

Whether the need is for primarily data communication and tracking or a standalone back-up beacon, the Argos satellite system is the solution.

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Woods Hole Group is the North American Argos connectivity provider for scientists, resource managers, and environmental professionals.

Discover our solutions

As a unique satellite system dedicated to environmental applications, Argos enables remote tracking for a wide range of species – including birds, terrestrial and marine animals.

Birds Tracking

The Argos data collected via the 3,000 birds tracked each month combined with other solutions available at CLS provide key information that enable scientists to study their behavior in the face of climate change and in turn, lead to effective conservation methods being put in place.

Marine Animals Tracking

The reality is that the numbers of many species is decreasing at an alarming rate and the number of marine families listed as endagered, such as whales, dolphins, manatees and sea turtles, are on the rise.

Land Animals Tracking

Scientists and biologists use the Argos system to understand the distribution of animals in a given territory in order to protect them more efficiently.


Using the Argos satellite system to track fish and study their migrations and distribution areas has proven crucial for the implementation of effective conservation methods, to define protected areas or even to establish periods of catch.


Concerned there is a problem with your tagged bird? Get alerted to any changes or use the CLS platform finder to find your active tags.


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